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The Arsenal

10+ years of expertise in the making, here’s what we can bring to your business

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

You don’t have time to read and process every document that hits your desk, but does. Translation, automated decision-making based on content, and accurate understanding of text and voice.

  • Virtual assistant: Always-available bots that respond to customers with lightning speed and provide a consistently high-quality customer service experience. The reduction in hassles will cut down your operating costs.

  • Smart Content Classification:Is this incoming document critical? Is it a chance at a hot sale? Accurate algorithms save you hours of sorting.

  • Question answering: Ask the AI a question and get smart answers as it plugs into your data and brings you relevant information. No more painful keyword searches for obscure information you can’t track down.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision

Human eyes are subject to fatigue and distraction. AI can bring eyes that never blink to a mind-boggling array of tasks that call for vigilance.

AI enables your business to make value from images or video in different fashions:

  • Quality inspection: Make sure outgoing product meets the standards before it leaves the building.

  • Smart Tagging: Find that needle in the haystack, or any other object or that needs to be spotted.

  • Real-World Cyber Security: Who is that on camera? A staff member or an intruder? Is there something happening that normally shouldn’t?

Recommender Systems

Recommender Systems

This customer’s visit may be your only shot at making a good sale. AI can draw on all the data available to make an accurate guess at their needs and tastes. This boosts the individual experience of each customer and the chance that they’ll be back to spend more. Turn that one shot into a good shot.

  • Best Homepage to Land On: Get them from the beginning with a personalized experience tailored to each user. They’ll know they’re in the right place from the first second.

  • You’re Not Done Shopping: Increase the average cart checkout with intelligent, accurate product recommendations based on what they’re buying.

  • Search Ranking: They don’t always know what they’re looking for, so increase the odds that they’ll know it when they see it in.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Farmer’s Almanacs predict the weather based on years of past data. AI can do the same for forecasting critical issues related to your business, giving you a leg up on the others that just wing it.

  • Sales forecasting: If you wanted to make a sale at this time of year under present conditions, how would you do it?

  • Predictive maintenance: Catch repairs and upgrades that need to be made before they become major issues later.

Robotic Process  Automation

Smart Process Automation

A single decision can make or break a business, and you face countless decisions in a day. Lighten your load by entrusting some of those decisions to AI that will decide based on logic and hard data. If you don’t trust AI to make the final decision, then you can have it distill everything down into information easier for you to execute.

  • Decision Support Systems: Translate volumes of data into actionable options so that you and your team can make better decisions based on facts and probabilistic data.

  • Workflow automation: Let Robotic Process Automation (RPA) reduce the time spent planning and increase the time spent doing.

AI Challenge

There’s Always Room For More

Are none of these functions what you’re looking for?

AI can learn! Discuss the problem you’re up against with us and we’ll do our best to find a solution!

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Number Crunching at Scale

Process billions of records with our Tesla GPUs without costing you billions

Quality and Scalability

No one-size-fits-all here. These AI solutions fit YOU and YOUR corner of the industry. When you grow, the AI will grow with you.

Quality and Scalability

No one-size-fits-all here. These AI solutions fit YOU and YOUR corner of the industry. When you grow, the AI will grow with you.

On cloud, on premises, on edge

It doesn’t matter how much or how little your system relies on the cloud. We can work with your needs.


When you see AI at work for you, your confidence will only grow in its capability and accuracy. Better yet, you’ll watch it grow with your business. Here’s what happens when you start making part of you.

Business needs Analysis

There are lots of moving parts between a project, its needs, and the company strategy. AI will keep those moving parts working together like clockwork without grinding any gears.

Proof of Concept

Within 1-3 months, you’ll see the Proof of Concept coming together. You’ll also see results that haven’t cost you any major investments. This is the point where you’re finding what works and what’s propelling you towards your corporate goal.

Production ready Technology

Get going right out the door and then get going faster. Once it’s clear that the API or UX is going to perform well, then we scale up to include everything else that needs to be part of your new ship.

Evolution and Manteinance will grow with your business as naturally as a second skin. More data comes in which means more accuracy. Edge cases get processed so that the AI learns and grows more agile. Grow, succeed, repeat.

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